Come brother’s and sisters
to rebuild our walls;
yes, there is sin so hot it blisters,
that makes our courage fall,
But God.
He has called us to fellowship
so do not stifle the friendship
with fear;
it has no place here!
Church, you are not alone
because in the body of Christ we are one.
We have home,
because we have the Son.
Look to the eastern sky
and see the sunrise in your brothers eye;
bring praise together as the darkness ends
and labor alongside your friends.
Bear each other’s burdens
and let the chains be broken
as we raise each other up;
let hope and joy and peace be awoken
as we work with our hands
as if to the Lord.
Brothers and sisters let’s seek His plans
and meditate on His Living Word
so that all our work is acceptable and pure
no matter where we trod,
so even if we are unsure,
we are always the Children of God.