Alabaster stone,
Make it Your home,
holy, broken, set apart;
make it my heart,
pure and holy for You.
Cleanse it and empty me
until all I have is praise
poured out like costly oil,
like your blood on this soil,
thank you for Your Grace come down.
Oil wash over,
like a crown
let it drip down Your lips that speak peace,
Your eyes that see the best in me.
Make my heart broken
at the feet of my crucified, risen King;
on my knees every hope is awoken
and every man of every tongue sings.
Majesty! Hallelujah!
Be the incense of joy,
the essence of hope,
and the intent of my worship.
Beautiful Savior,
I offer my life as my gift;
use it as you wish,
to bring you pleasure
as I am emptied
and you are lifted high;
Lord be glorified.