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Detour 2014 was absolutely incredible! From all the bags, and pillows to every word that was spoken. The Lord again showed Himself faithful in our lives.


We were a willing hand of service to the King Kennedy Center, helping them keep the Helen White Memorial Trail clean and free of graffiti. Carol Collins praised the Lord when she received the news that we were coming over.


“Grandma hands, clapped at church on Sunday morning, grandma hands use to ache sometimes and swell.” I don’t know if this lady will ever know how she blessed us. Unable to stop shaking, she ask to be taken over to the piano. as i lifted the lid, she leaned in shaking, and once her fingers touched the keys. Glory to God, she stop shaking and she played for us, and it was glorious.





These young men! What can I say? Each one of them a blessing, a unique creation. An absolute gift during detour.